5 best places to live in Canada

If you are planning to relocate yourself anywhere abroad then Canada is one of the most sought after places. Free healthcare, Low cost of living, best employment opportunities, best education system,  moderate climate and flawless natural landscape are just a few of the reasons of what makes Canada the best places to live on the earth. It is one country that welcomes people from across the world with open arms. Canada is also popularly known as the politest countries in the world because of the humble people who make it their home. People from different communities, religion, countries live here together with peace. Canada is also supposed to be the richest countries in the world.  There are a plethora of universities that have the best rankings across the world and you can also choose one of the Canadian universities for your further studies. This has apparently made Canada official hub of international students.  It is a country surrounded by three oceans and you can find a moderate temperature in Canada throughout the year. Anyone who is looking for a better lifestyle, healthcare, education, entertainment or any other aspect of life, can choose Canada as home.

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What are the best places to live in Canada?

But there are several places or cities available in Canada and you can choose the best place to live. Here you can find five best places to live in Canada:

  1. Toronto, Ontario

Toronto is known as the largest cities of Canada and has the best transportation system, schools, colleges, hospitals, restaurants and other entertainment options. You even get the cuisine from all parts of the world that is fresh and healthy. The city is one of the safest cities in Canada with the lowest crime rate. Because of the international companies and business environment, the city is also very favourable for economic growth of the individual. You can easily find a   job that suits your kind.  Toronto is a multicultural city that homes people from many different countries and religion. It is a beautiful example of peace in diversity, and while walking the lanes of the city you will definitely find one person from your nationality, religion or language.  People of Toronto are known for their friendliness and you will never find yourself alone in this city.  If you love to live in the places that are happening and buzzing with something hot always then you are at right place.

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  1. Calgary, Alberta

Calgary is regarded as cleanest cities of the world and this place is known as the 5th most livable cities in the world.  Clean sewage system, less air pollution with a clean image are the best attractions of this city. The city has some of the best recycling programs for everything. Even smoking in public place is also banned in this city. Another best part of living in this city is that you have to pay a very low sales tax which makes it a very affordable place as well. Calgary is home to biggest footbridges that are basically covered skywalks for pedestrians. This makes the city safer from road accidents. Climate, public transport, food, health care and education everything is easily and affordably available in this beautiful city. The place is heaven for those who love outdoor activities in the midst of nature, and it is also close to many holiday destinations.  The city homes many millionaires because of the oil mining industry.

  1. Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is one of the most striking locations in Canada that makes it a perfect place for filming. Many scenes from the TV series and films are shot at Vancouver. The place is flooded with Chinese and South Asian people and 50% of the population here is non-native English speakers.   The cuisine of Vancouver also is unique because here you can find some exotic dishes which are influenced by other countries.  But an important factor to note is that the cost of living and housing prices in Vancouver are much more than any other cities in Canada. But that isn’t a point to worry about because you can find job opportunities here to earn enough.

  1. Montreal, Quebec

Montreal, Quebec is known as the largest cities in the Quebec Province and is located near the north of the U.S. border. The city is also Canada’s second-largest economy factor. French is the official language of this city and you find many corporate houses in Montreal. These corporations provide many home job opportunities to the locals. There are many business opportunities in the city as well. These things make the standard of living of the people of Montreal, and this is an ideal place where you will get a peaceful simple life.  The crime rates here are also negligible and you can find a doctor, school, hospital restaurant at your nearby locations.

  1. Ottawa, Ontario

Living in the capital city anywhere in the world comes with many perks because capital cities are equipped with all public facilities. The city is the best place for retired and old people because of the safe environment. Apart from that, the moderate climate of this place is also an added advantage for people.  When it comes to quality of life and education very few cities can follow the standards of Ottawa, because most of the reputed Canadian universities are situated in Ottawa. So if you want to relocate to Canada for your educational purpose then you can check the infrastructure of Ottawa.

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Any city of Canada is a nice place to live in but these are the cities that have the best rankings in the world because of the quality of life and low crime rate. If you are planning to relocate in Canada you can consider one of these cities.  No matter you live in any city of Canada but your status of life and quality of life will improve 100 times than any other city in the world.  But there are some strict restrictions for foreigners implemented by the government, and you must read their terms and conditions before you relocate.