5 interesting facts about Quebec

Located on the shores of the Saint Lawrence River, Quebec is the perfect province for people to visit if they want to get to know the country. Quebec has everything, or almost everything, for those who visit need to have a unique experience.

Walking through the cobbled streets of the old town, you lose the notion of time, discovering the marvels contained within its walls. On every corner there is a restaurant inviting you to try the local flavours or to enjoy the music performed by empirical artists. Quebec offers both visitors and residents the possibility to completely disconnect from the world in its beautiful natural parks.

Below I will share some interesting facts about Quebec that I’m sure will surprise you.

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  1. Le Cirque du Soleil:

Did you know that Le Cirque du Soleil originated in the province of Quebec? It was founded in 1984 in Baie-Saint-Paul, a city in the province.

It began as a group of young people interested in sharing cultural activities representing Canadian folklore. Over time, they perfected their acts and began to travel outside Canada, becoming one of the world’s most famous theatre companies, as we know it today.

The name, Cirque du Soleil, was created by one of its founding members and symbolises “youth, energy and strength”.

  1. The most popular sport:

The second interesting fact about Quebec is that the most popular sport played by its inhabitants is ice hockey. Ice hockey has many fans in Quebec and from a very early age, children are taught the rules and how to play.

Ice hockey has a long tradition in Quebec and is home to one of the world’s oldest active ice hockey teams, the Montreal Canadiens. It is also one of the teams that has won the ¨Stanley Cup¨ on most occasions. This is the cup given to the champions of the National Hockey League (NHL).

  1. A nation within Canada:

Many people consider Quebec to be a nation within Canada, since they speak a different language than in the rest of the country and the culture of its inhabitants is also very different from the rest of Canada.

It is worth remembering that this region of Canada was colonised by the French in the 17th century and used as a starting point for future explorations of the rest of America. As a result, Quebec is the region with the largest French community on the continent. Although it is true that the British then took control of Quebec, the Quebecers managed to maintain the French language as their mother tongue and to continue the traditions inherited from their French ancestors.

Throughout history, the inhabitants of Quebec have tried to constitute an independent nation and, although, on some occasions, they have been close to achieving this, Quebec is still part of Canada.

  1. Quebec has a waterfall higher than the Niagara Falls:

The province of Quebec is characterised, among other things, by having a similar architectural style to Europe and beautiful natural parks. One example is the Montmorency Park, located a few minutes from the city centre.

The main attraction of this natural wonder is its great waterfall that is 30 metres higher than the Niagara Falls.

The sight of this waterfall is so impressive that it has become one of the most visited tourist attractions for tourist visiting the city.

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  1. A 21st century walled city:

As I have already mentioned, Quebec is characterised by its architecture, similar to that of old European cities. Remember that this city was officially founded in 1608 and in those days, one of the ways of protecting the inhabitants was a system of walls and fortifications.

If you visit the old town, you will be surprised to see that the walls surrounding the city of Quebec are still in perfect condition and you will find a large part of the history of this magnificent place.

Thanks to the excellent work of those who restored the city’s historic buildings, Quebec was declared a World Heritage location by Unesco and is currently among the best preserved walled cities in North America.

As you can see, Quebec’s history has little-known details that are undoubtedly very interesting. The city has been home to a civilization that has remained faithful to its traditions and thanks to the tireless conservation work undertaken, today we can enjoy works of art that are a treasure for the rest of the world.

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