Check Out These Great Things To Do In Four Provinces On Canada’s East Coast


Things to Do on Canada’s East Coast

Canada’s East Coast is full of wonderful things to do. Have you ever been to Newfoundland? Nova Scotia is another province on the east coast of Canada, and then you have New Brunswick and also Prince Edward Island. You can vacation in all four locations if you so choose. Let’s take a look at each of these four east coast provinces and what attractions and things to do await you.


Let’s start with Newfoundland. It is a Canadian island, and there are tons of great things to do. Gros Morne National Park is one of them, and you will find this national park on Route 430 at Rocky Harbour. Trout River, the green gardens and the western brook pond are all gorgeous. This is considered to be a great hiking trip with fantastic views, so make sure you take those pictures to share.

Signal Hill is another great spot to visit on Newfoundland Island. It is located on Signal Hill Road, and you will find hiking trails, Cabot Tower and more gorgeous views there. There are quite a lot of attractions in Canada involving nature, hiking and magnificent views. At Signal Hill, you will also see the ships in the harbour, and one reviewer puts it best when he says there is plenty of history to see there.

It’s great to visit a place and not just have fun, but also learn something, too. There is another great hiking attraction to tell you about and much more, but we have to get to the other provinces. So let’s take a look at one more attraction in Newfoundland, the Newfoundland Insectarium. It is located on Bonne Bay Road at Deer Lake, and there is more than one floor to this museum. Featuring a butterfly garden and much more, it is sure to be an interesting and fun experience. Now let’s move on to the next East Coast Canadian province.

Nova Scotia

Halifax Public Gardens is located at Spring Garden Road and South Park Street. The Victorian Garden and beautiful flowers there are truly a sight to see. Reviewers talk about these gardens being a nice and relaxing place to walk and perhaps enjoy some ice cream. This is a historical garden and one that is difficult to match up with anything else you have ever seen.

You know you are on the coast if you have a lighthouse to visit. Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse is on Peggy’s Point Road at Peggy’s Cove. Each place seems to have its own secluded location, and can you believe how much natural beauty you are getting to see in Canada? Your surroundings at Peggy’s Cove Lighthouse are breathtaking, but don’t expect this sight to see to be quite as secluded as some others. It is a very popular attraction, and reviewers say that you can expect a crowd. There is a gift shop and fishing village to check out as well.

For the third attraction in Nova Scotia, let’s take a look at the Alexander Graham Bell National Historic Site. It is located on Chebucto Street, and while there, you get to learn about the life of the famous inventor and about his many inventions. Most people know he invented the telephone, but what else did he invent? Alright, it is time to move on to the next East Coast Canadian province.

Prince Edward Island

Prince Edward Island National Park is your first stop, and this is where you will find Brackley Beach. See the floating bridge, hike to the dunes and enjoy nature at its finest. Reviewers do say it is a long hike over to the dunes so be prepared to spend some time.

Island Hill Farm Inc. is located on Highway 225, and one reviewer calls it his happiest place on Earth. That should give you an idea about what you are in for when you visit all the animals, including goats, at Island Hill Farm. This is an attraction that is of course said to be enjoyed by people of all ages, so it is a great pick for a family with kids.

Cavendish Cliffs is the 3rd attraction, and reviews mention beautiful scenery and red sand. If you do the beach walk mentioned earlier and go all the way to the dunes, you will be able to see the cliffs from where you are at. People say the red cliffs of Cavendish Cliffs are stunning. Now, there is one more East Coast Canadian province to visit.

New Brunswick

Irving Nature Park is one of the top attractions in New Brunswick. It is located on Sand Cove Road, and it is a beautiful place with great walking trails. There are picnic tables for your convenience, and reviewers mention to do the loop when it comes to the trails. They also say all along the way on the trails are places to take in the grand views.

Acadian Historical Village is the next attraction, and it is located on During Pont Street. This historical village will make you feel like you traveled through time according to the reviews. The houses in the village aren’t from one specific time period either. They walk you through a timeline. Just wait and see!

St Martins Sea Caves is another great attraction to visit in New Brunswick. In order to get access to the caves, some of the reviewers say you need to visit this attraction at low tide. Many people talk about how beautiful it is there, and one person even calls it a humbling experience. You have been told about many beautiful attractions on Canada’s east coast, but there are plenty more.

That gives you a look at four Canadian provinces on Canada’s east coast. For each province, you were told about three adventures to take. There are dozens of other attractions to enjoy. The east coast of Canada is going to blow your mind. Are you trying to figure out where you would like to start? Why not start out on Prince Edward Island?