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Canada eTA

Electronic Travel Authorization Application Agency


Our eTA specialists carefully review each application for errors, but some personal information cannot be verified for accuracy.

If you’ve submitted the eTA application form and made a payment using our service and then discover you’ve made a mistake, there are two methods to correct it based on the status of the application.

If you’ve submitted the application but do not have results yet, it’s possible that we have not completed processing it.

Contact us immediately via chat, email or the contact us form and one our eTA specialists can edit your information before the application is fully processed.

We will do our best to ensure the information is corrected before the application is completely processed.

If we’ve already processed your eTA application and you’ve received your travel authorization results, we can still help correct the information.

There are three methods to contact us and request a change of application information.

  • Reply to the confirmation email you received from us and request the change or
  • Use our contact page to request the change or
  • Use our chat service to request the change