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Canada eTA

Electronic Travel Authorization Application Agency


After you submit the eTA form, our agents process the data, submit and monitor the status. We will indicate one of the following three outcomes to you via email after the application has been processed.

  • Authorization Approved: you have been authorized to travel to Canada under the eTA visa exempt program.
  • Travel not authorized: You are not permitted to travel to Canada under the eTA program, and a full refund will be issued.
  • You should contact your nearest Canadian embassy or consulate to apply for a regular visitor visa if this occurs.
  • Authorization Pending: additional review is required before a determination can be made. A pending status occurs in some cases when the automated system cannot determine your approval, but does not necessarily indicate that your application has been denied.

An eTA application will only be pending for up to 72 hours (usually) before a determination is issued.

The eTA process is very straightforward but if the information you provide is not accurate, your request could be denied.

Please ensure that you fill out the eTA form correctly and make sure all fields are completed. A trained expert in our agency with a deep understanding of the eTA process will review your submitted information to ensure the highest chance of approval.

If there is anything that appears incorrect, missing or otherwise wrong we will contact you immediately to resolve the issue before processing the application.

We are here to help you get approved, and this is why our customers have the highest eTA approval rates in the industry.