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Canada eTA

Electronic Travel Authorization Application Agency


Some of the security questions on the eTA form are a bit confusing. We’ve provided some additional information for each question to help you understand them better before selecting an answer.

As always, you can contact us for help via email, chat or the contact us form for answers.


You must enter your occupation from a dropdown menu of different categories.  Please select the category that best represents your current responsibilities.

You will also be required to provide your employer address and telephone number and how long you have been working for your current employer.

Previous visit refusal:
The application will ask you whether you have ever been denied entry into Canada.

Please answer honestly as stating that you have not been refused entry when you in fact have, can lead to eTA denial.

Arrest record:

Canadian authorities are very strict about previous arrest records and if you have been arrested even for minor crimes you must explain in detail.

Even having been arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol must be properly stated and explained on the application form.

Not declaring a previous arrest can lead to eTA denial or denial of entry upon arrival in Canada.

Health disclosure:

The eTA application requires you to answer whether you have been in close contact with someone with tuberculosis and whether you are receiving current medical treatment for any condition.

If you have either been in close contact with someone suffering from tuberculosis or are receiving medical treatment for any reason you must state it accurately on the application.

Failure to declare this condition and suspicions by an immigration officer that you are suffering from a medical condition could lead to a denial of entry into Canada.

Please note that even if your eTA application is approved this does not guarantee entry into Canada.  Final admission approval is contingent upon an immigration officer at a port of entry into Canada giving approval.

When you enter Canada an immigration officer will conduct an interview and you must satisfy their questions in respect to the following:

  • Having economic ties to your home country such as employment, real estate or other ties that will ensure you return to your country at the end of your visit.
  • Having enough money for your stay in Canada.
  • Being in good health.
  • Have no criminal convictions.