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Canada eTA

Electronic Travel Authorization Application Agency


If you are planning to visit Canada and are a citizen of one of the 55 countries that are visa exempt, you must first apply for an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) before traveling to the country.

An eTA allows travelers from visa exempt countries to apply online for their travel authorization without the need to apply for a travel visa at a Canadian embassy.  Approved travelers will be allowed to visit Canada for visits of 180 days or less.

If you wish to visit the Canada, you must obtain the proper authorization before entering the country.

In some cases, this means applying for a visa but if you are a citizen of a country included in the Visa-exempt Program (Canada), using the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (eTA) may be a simpler and faster option.

The visa-exempt  program so allows citizens of 55 countries to obtain a travel authorization to the Canada through the CANADIAN Immigration Department without acquiring a visa.

If you are a current citizen of a participating country and have a valid passport, you only need to apply with the eTA form. If you qualify, you will be granted authorization to travel to the CANADA for a period up to 180 days.