What to do Along Canada’s West Coast

If you are visiting the western part of Canada, you might be surprised with the number of different things to do. The British Columbia coast, also known as the “BC coast” is the coastline that stretches along the Pacific Ocean. It is almost 4000 miles long, so you certainly have many different opportunities to stay in various locations along the ocean. It may also be possible that the entire area of British Columbia is considered the coast of Canada as well. Along those 4000 miles, there are also many different things that you can see and do when you’re on a Canadian holiday.

The majority of the British Columbia coast is not highly populated, which is why many of the things to do along the western coast of Canada are related to nature. There are also additional things to do, but when it comes to the raw beauty of what we see in the earth around us, it is difficult to beat what this particular area of the world brings to the table. It doesn’t matter which direction you look, you will see something to marvel at. If you are visiting the area on holiday, here are some top things that you can do.


things to do Along Canada's West Coast



If you are looking for something fantastic to do on the West Coast of British Columbia, you really don’t need to look any further than Victoria. It is perhaps one of the most beautiful cities in British Columbia and arguably, throughout Canada. It is also the provincial capital.

You can find Victoria near the southern part of Vancouver Island and many people appreciate this area, not only for the beauty but because of the laid-back mentality of many of the people that live there. You may find this is the ideal location to have a wedding or perhaps you may even consider retiring in the area. In Victoria, you can take a walk along the Dallas Road seawall, visit the Royal British Columbia Museum or check out the salmon run in the fall at Goldstream.


If you happen to find this gem located near the end of Howe Sound, you are really in for a treat. It is the perfect option for anybody who is looking for an active vacation with plenty of outdoor activities. Mountain biking, running along the trail, climbing rocks, hiking or just enjoying the great outdoors are some of the options you may want to consider. If you are heading down to Vancouver, you only need to drive about 40 minutes to reach this area. When visiting, be sure to check out the New Sea to Sky Gondola for some of the most beautiful scenery in the world.

West Coast Trail

This certainly does deserve a spot on the list because it is one of the most beautiful areas along the West Coast of Canada. It offers something rather unique to those who are interested in going for a hike. The 77 km trail takes approximately seven days to conquer but it is going to go through some country that is unbelievable. It may not be the easiest trail in the world to have under your belt, but it will give you bragging rights for many years.

Gulf Islands

These little islands are located between Vancouver Island and the mainland. It is relatively close to the United States border and they are part of the San Juan Islands from Washington state. If you’re looking for a place to sit back, relax and really take in all of the beauty that the West Coast of Canada has to offer, this is the option to consider. Just be aware, however, that the residents are concerned about the environment and although friendly, they expect you to be concerned about the environment as well.

Prince Rupert

If you are along the northern part of the coastline of British Columbia, you may come across this small town. It is near the Alaskan Panhandle and it has a rather unique claim to fame, it is the rainiest place on the earth (according to many people). If you’re planning on driving to Prince Rupert from Vancouver, you can expect to spend about 2 solid days in your car.

The people in the town are extremely friendly and if you are into outdoor adventures, you will love the beautiful surroundings that offer a wide variety of options for biking, hiking, boating or simply enjoying one of the most beautiful sunsets that you will ever see. While you are there, check out the grizzly bear sanctuary.

Crescent Beach

Located in Surrey, this is a quaint and easily accessible beach village. You will find the sandy beach to be clean at all times and there is plenty of room to stretch your legs and not have to worry about excessive crowds. Even if you have to visit in the summer, you will be one of the only people on the beach. Most of the people that live in Surrey are relatively friendly so it just adds to the atmosphere of this destination location.


A list about the West Coast of Canada would be incomplete unless it mentioned Vancouver. This is an excellent location to explore the area of the West Coast and it has a lot of things to offer on its own. Many people choose Vancouver because it offers all of the amenities of a city location while at the same time, acting as a jumping off point for many other areas on the British Columbia coast. While you’re in Vancouver, you can dine at some fine restaurants, enjoy a concert or festival or take a walk through Stanley Park.

These are just a few of the many options available for those who are on a holiday in Western Canada. You will find that this area of the world offers beauty beyond compare but it also offers a lot of friendly people, quaint villages and the opportunity to stretch your legs and realize that life is truly good.