Top 5 incredible places in Canada

If you are British and are interested in travelling to this destination, please remember to obtain your electronic travel permit beforehand, i.e. ETA Visa or ETA Canada.

Prince Edward Island

This island is located in the San Lorenzo Gulf and is the smallest province in Canada. If you have the opportunity to visit it, you can expect to have unique and unforgettable experiences. It is a destination which allows you to live unique moments in life.

In this destination, you will be able to share experiences and interact with the local fishermen and craftsmen, who are normally very simple and friendly people.

They enjoy showing tourists all their secrets and strategies in the art of fishing, as well as the best ways to design, build and use kayaks.

Moreover, you will have the possibility to try out other activities if you are looking for variety on your trip around the island.

Cycling is one of the most tempting activities available here because of the tranquillity you experience, as well as exercising while enjoying the fresh breeze and the unforgettable scenery.


Alberta is a province situated in western Canada. The capital city is Edmonton and the second biggest city is Calgary. This is a mountainous region which gives you the chance to see some of the most spectacular scenery Canada has to offer.

Without a doubt, one of the most impressive places in Alberta is the Waterton Lakes National Park.

This park has one of the hotels with the best local views, where you have one of the best experiences ever; you can see a huge variety of local fauna, including bears, elks or even pumas.

Abraham Lake is another place worth a visit in this province and in which you can see a spectacular natural phenomenon.

The plants in this surprising place, emit methane gas which freezes when it reaches the surface, creating millions of frozen bubbles which, in turn, create an amazing scene, worth admiration and photos, due to the range of colours that can be observed as a result of the phenomenon.


Vancouver is one of the most interesting city destinations in the whole of Canada, since one of its main objectives is to become the greenest city on Earth by the year 2020. The city currently has around 200 parks bursting with nature.

One way of getting to know the city is by bike. Bikes are available for rent at very reasonable prices.

Roaming through Stanley Park’s 400 hectares of urban forest is a lovely experience, as is going to see the mountains in Harbour Green Park and trying fish freshly out of the water in Dallas Road.

Gardiner Museum

This museum is based in Toronto and it houses some of the best made ceramic collections in the world. These collections have the oldest designs that can be seen and they come from various periods of history and different locations all over the continent.

Moreover, due to its architecture, the Museum has won various prizes at world-level and for this reason we have decided to include it in our top 5.

Toronto Centre for the Arts

This is a meeting place for all those who love art, theatre and bohemian culture. The Centre is an interesting place to visit and roam around to enjoy some of the best mise-en-scenes, admire some of the Works on exhibition or simply enjoy this magnificent experience.

The Toronto Centre for the Arts, is situated in the centre of the city and has three large stages which have welcomed many artists and leading figures in the international world of culture from various disciplines related to the arts.